"It is Strength and Strenght that we want and the first step in getting the strenght, is so uphold the Upanishads and believe that I'm the Atman"

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By Sri Vidyaprakasananda Giri Swami

Welcome to Sri Sukabrahmashram

About Ashram

Sri Vidyaprakasananda giri swami attained a pre-eminent place in preaching, and having attained the highest stage in Brahmanishta, Prakasananda desired to establish a separate ashram which would be a centre of his preachings. He chose Sri Kalahasti as the most suitable place to establish his ashram. By acquiring a mango grove on the bank of Swarnamukhi river, he decided to construct an Ashram in it.

The inaugural ceremony was celebrated on 20th Jan 1950 and was presided by his guru Sri Malayala swami. The ashram was named Sri Sukabrahmashram, named after holy sage Sri Sukabrahma. The ashram since then has registered a regular growth and attracted devotees from all parts of the country in large numbers. Ananda Hospital was also built by Prakasananda for the poor and under privileged.

The ashram published several important books such as VashishtaGeeta in Telugu, and lecturers on Gita by Prakasananda on various occasions in a book called Geethopanyasamulu. There is also a monthly journal called as Vedanthabheri, to propagate the philosophy of Vedanta, and is in circulation till date. Gita Makaranda is the magnum opus written by Prakasananda and is considered till date his best works. The Gita Yagnas by Prakasananda were received by thousands of people wherever it was organized, and since Prakasananda was a gifted orator people turned up in large numbers on each occasion. Some of the Yagnas at later point were organized by TTD Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam.

His 100th and 108th Gita Yagna were held at Hyderabad and was organized on a massive scale, and to facilitate large number of people access to the speeches of Prakasananda, TTD arranged recording the discourses, and released them as audio, video cassettes, and recently in video compact discs. Bhakta Kannapa eye hospital was inaugurated in May 1993 in the ashram, to help the poor and needy, till this date lakhs of people got their eyes examined free of cost, and several eye camps are held on a regular basis.



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